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o'brien neck router jig review

O 39Brien neck joint routing jig, choose dovetail or straight

Robbie O 39Brien came up with this clever neck alignment/routing jig. The jig is simple but elegant as it helps you determine your correct neck angle and then gives you an easy way to transfer the angle to your neck. It enables you to rout the mortise and tenon accurately. Only a small amount of fitting is necessary after routing. The jig comes in an unassembled flatpack, but it is relatively

OBrien neck angle jig : Luthier

The top has two templates for routing. First you clamp the guitar body into the jig and rout the mortise using the template and a guide bushing on a plunge router. Then you put the body on the top of the jig, as pictured. The neck is clamped into the other side of the jig. You use the aluminum beam to measure the neck angle.

O 39Brien Neck Joint Routing Jig How to Use the Jig YouTube

Robbie shows us how to use his namesake jig NJRJ routing a straight mortise and tenon.Luthiers Mercantile International offers the largest selection of ton

O 39Brien Guitars Neck Angle Jig in use with student YouTube

Luthier and Instructor, Robert O 39Brien, demonstrates how to use the Neck Angle Jig available from LMI to cut a straight mortise and tenon on a guitar body an

Detailed plans for a dovetail neck joint jig

You have likely seen the online videos of the O 39Brien neck angle jig for cutting either dovetail or mortise and tenon neck joints. O 39 Brien has a menu tab for plans that list the neck jig plans for 20. Jig uses LMI templates. I have no experience with or connection to the product, but the videos look cool. Scott

O 39Brien Guitars I am pleased to be able to offer a set

On one side of the jig the guitar is held in place while the router uses the template to cut a precision mortise or dovetail cavity. The other side of the jig allows you to set the correct angle needed to get precise action and bridge height specific to your guitar while you cut the tenon or dovetail tenon on the neck block.

Neck Angle Jig LuthierTOOL

The Neck Angle Jig has become the industry standard in guitar building tools. Made from Aluminum this jig allows for precise neck alignment and control giving you a perfect neck joint. The Edge vise is specifically designed to work with the jig, it also doubles as a end graft tool.

How to make a Mortise and Tenon or Dovetail neck jig YouTube

Luthier and Instructor, Robert O 39Brien, shows how to make a neck angle jig for cutting a mortise and tenon or dovetail neck joint on acousitc guitars . This

Trend Mortise and Tenon Jig MT/JIG Review YouTube

On the back of 70 mortise and tenon joints in just a couple of days, I give my impressions on the Trend Mortise and Tenon Jig MT/JIG .Thanks to Trend for su

O 39Brien Guitars

My online guitar construction courses focus on every step in the process of making a concert quality classical or steel string guitar. With over 25 hours of guitar building instruction on video in each course it is like having your own luthier mentor standing right beside you during the entire guitar building process, teaching you the guitar construction ideas and procedures one step at a time.

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